Reach 1,500 Children – through Summer Camps 2017

Children are our future and our biggest responsibility. What they learn today will determine who they become tomorrow. For this very reason, our goal is to share Jesus with them, His amazing love and sacrifice. Join us in working with kids. Our vision is to reach 1,500+ Children in three months through Summer Camps. Our greatest desire is that through these camps the kids will get to know Christ and be ignited to serve Him with all of their hearts.

The Cost for one child to go to camp is an average of $15.00 

In addition: these are the things that we need to purchase in order to bring the joy to these children through kids camps.
• Sprinter Van
• Trampoline
• Bouncy House
• Craft Supplies
• Sport Equipment
• Food
• Gasoline
• Tents
• Speakers and Sound System
• Microphones
• Instruments

We strongly believe in investing into children because they are much more open to the Gospel and they are the future missionaries and the army for Christ. We believe in thousands of children being impacted by our children’s ministry. From a young age they will get to know Jesus. They will no longer grow up with the issues and the vision of the world but they will be growing up as the citizens of the Kingdom, knowing the will of God for their lives from young age.

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Invest into the lives of children.
This is your opportunity to invest into the next generation.
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