Bread Giveaway: $1 = 3 Loafs of Bread



 4000+ Loafs of freshly baked bread has been given away to people who are in need.

Early in 2014 God has given us the vision to share the love of Christ by giving away bread. We didn’t know how this will be possible and we did not have the finances to build a bakery. As this vision was deeply on our hearts, we started praying about it. Several months later, an owner of a bakery which is located about 22km away from Znamenivka, has decided to donate 40 loaves of bread. This was a miracle and confirmation from God.
We started setting up a table outside and we would give away bread to the people most in need. They were greatly surprised to receive bread with nothing expected in return. Not only would we give them bread, but we also gave the Living Bread of Life with New Testaments, Gospel tracks, and Children’s Bibles. As people responded to our ministry, we would always offer to pray for their needs including healing, any families needs, and include the preaching of the Gospel about Jesus. Often people rejected our prayers because they thought that they would need to pay us for praying as it’s done in their local Orthodox Church. Some were greatly surprised because we explained that we do this for God’s glory and out of our love with Jesus Christ and not for profit.
Two years later, to this day this ministry takes place every week. The owner of the bakery continues to give 20 loafs of bread every week and we purchase 40 additional loafs to give to the people who can’t afford it. Glory to God! By now we were able to bless these people with over 4,000 loaves of bread. We have seen many people come to Christ and start attending church services regularly because of the Bread Give Away Ministry.
The bread always comes fresh and hot from the oven. Our full-time missionaries usually drive at midnight to pick up the bread so it’s nice and fresh in the morning. We are honored to be serving in the Kingdom of God and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ by giving away bread. We occasionally receive donations specifically for this ministry and we are thankful to God for our ministry partners.


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You have the honor and the privilege to receive blessing by feeding the hungry. Note that $1.00 can buy 3 loafs of bread. How many would you like to give away?
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