Children’s Ministry + Christmas Presents

Our goal is to spread the gospel to every child, so that they may know God and serve him. Since 2012, we have used several different methods to reach out to the kids in our community using kid’s camps, Sunday school lessons, English club, homework assistance, after-school Christian club, and Christmas present outreach.

During the summers, we would organize kid’s day camps for all the children in the village. In 2012, we started our first children’s camp in Znamenivka and had about 80 kids go through our camp. During the camps, the children would learn Christian songs, play games, but most important, they were able hear biblical truth and have the gospel spelled out for them. Every year since, we lead kid’s camp during the summer. In 2015, we had the opportunity to organize two different kids’ camps in Znamenivka. It was amazing to see how god’s protection was with us during the camps. On one of the camp days, the weather showed that it might rain in the afternoon. With the kids, we prayed for good weather and when we looked up, storm clouds filled the sky but around the territory of the camp, there was a clear sky.

In the summer 2015, we had our first kid’s camp in a nearby village, Pidpil’ne. There we taught about the different attributes of love. At the beginning of the camp, the kids weren’t all that friendly. Some kids would could push and shove each other and use bad words. Toward the end of the camp, it was amazing to see how the kids started changing in a positive way. They would give each other turns and be friendlier to those around them.

During the school year, between summers 2012 to fall 2013 kids from the village would come to the missionary’s home and received assistance with homework. We would use this opportunity to interact with the kids and sow the seed of the gospel into the children’s heart. In the summer of 2012, 2013, and fall of 2014 we lead English club in the local school. Kids would gather to learn the English language better. We would teach words on topics like friends, family, and hobbies. Then we would transition to talking about holidays, like Easter and Christmas. These topics gave us a doorway to share about Jesus that he is the reason for which we have celebrations.

Every Friday, in the church we have a Christian kids club.  A lot of the children have a very limited knowledge of the Bible and hear the basics of the Christian faith. Also, we use games and songs to create encourage them to learn about the Bible. During Sunday school, kids learn more about the Bible and how they can apply the things they learned to everyday life.  They also we make a big emphasis on memorizing Bible verses because the word of God renews our mind and transforms our life. The children also sing songs that glorify God and bring him praise.

For our winter outreach, we got together 150 children’s Christmas presents. We would go caroling to houses with children in them and sing Christmas songs about Jesus Christ. This way we meet there families and invites them to attend church.

Our vision for the future of our children: We strongly believe that the next generation will inherit the kingdom of God because they are more open to the gospel. These children will grow into teens that will love Jesus. Then youth and will become young man and woman of God, forming Christian families. They will also be raising God fearing children. We must invest into children’s ministry for they are the future of the church.

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